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About Us

About Us

SEAL-IT is a Canadian company founded, owned, and operated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. SEAL-IT manufactures, applies and distributes industrial concrete, metal and wood sealers and preservers. The entrepreneurial spirit that started the company continues with innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Tradition of Experience

The owners and operators behind SEAL-IT have an in-depth knowledge and experience of concrete, metal and wood challenges that are apparent everywhere. The owners of SEAL-IT have had extensive experience in the actual preservation and protection of industrial applications of concrete, metal, and wood.

Working Together

From around the world, SEAL-IT can achieve better quality of service by working with its customers and distributor's experience and expertise to improve construction materials.

Not content to merely manufacture and sell their products, the SEAL-IT owners desire to work with people who are concerned with the quality of their building materials.

SEAL-IT believes that it is beneficial that like-minded distributors and customers share their combined resources of experience and knowledge.


SEAL-IT's responsibility to the environment is reflected throughout its product line and operations.


High Corrosion Area, Dusting Hide Tanning and Taxidermy, chemical resistant concrete   December 20, 1989 I had decided to put a cement floor in my garage and wanted to protect it with some kind of sealer. I had seen the "SEAL-IT Concrete Sealant" display at the local lumber yard, and was quite

David Hill Ogema, Sk. Tannery

Concrete longevity in liquid fertilizer storage   1360 Ironhorse Road McPherson, Kansas, U.S.A. 67460 January 12, 2007 Seal-It International Inc. Saskatoon, Canada Although some things about our business have changed, others have not. We still work with liquid fertilizers and our concrete floo

Daril Alexander McPherson Agricultural Products (formerly Tessenderlo Kerley)

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