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About Us

About Us

SEAL-IT is a Canadian company founded, owned, and operated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. SEAL-IT manufactures, applies and distributes industrial concrete, metal and wood sealers and preservers. The entrepreneurial spirit that started the company continues with innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Tradition of Experience

The owners and operators behind SEAL-IT have an in-depth knowledge and experience of concrete, metal and wood challenges that are apparent everywhere. The owners of SEAL-IT have had extensive experience in the actual preservation and protection of industrial applications of concrete, metal, and wood.

Working Together

From around the world, SEAL-IT can achieve better quality of service by working with its customers and distributor's experience and expertise to improve construction materials.

Not content to merely manufacture and sell their products, the SEAL-IT owners desire to work with people who are concerned with the quality of their building materials.

SEAL-IT believes that it is beneficial that like-minded distributors and customers share their combined resources of experience and knowledge.


SEAL-IT's responsibility to the environment is reflected throughout its product line and operations.


Roofing: Extend the life of asphalt and tar roofing systems   Dear Doug, I wanted to get you this information regarding your Seal-It products. We have been using your concrete sealant to make our new colors, using mineral life, completely permanent. Using 4,000 psi of water will not remove the c

Vernon C. Johnson, SWAC SOUTHWEST AMERICA CORP. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Manufacturing? Insure a dry environment   Dear Sir: Re: Use of Top Seal on Concrete Block Silos At the Manville facility in Innisfail we manufacture fiberglass insulation. Raw materials used for glass making are stored in silos approximately 18 ft. in diameter and 50ft. high. These silos are co

T.L. Jevne, P.Eng. Plant Engineer, MANVILLE CANADA INC. TLJ/gl

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