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Maintenance Cleaner Digs Deep Below the Surface!

SEAL-IT Maintenance Cleaner is a unique maintenance solution that penetrates into concrete and wood to emulsify or suspend foreign chemicals and substances and bring them to the surface for easy removal.

SEAL-IT Maintenance Cleaner has been used extensively on, and is best suited for, industrial and commercial deck-washing and similar applications. Contractors in the building preservation and protection industry use SEAL-IT Maintenance Cleaner as an integral part of their business.


DO NOT use Seal-It Maintenance Cleaner in a manner that allows contact with glass, glazed surfaces or aluminum, etching will occur.
DO NOT use on exposed aggregate, brick, colored or tinted concrete, staining will occur.

  • Before Maintenance Cleaner

  • After Maintenance Cleaner

  • Dilution

    none, use as supplied

  • Freeze Temperature

    0 °C / 32 °F

  • Freeze Harm

    none, thaw and agitate completely

  • Boiling Point

    110°C / 230 °F

  • Shelf Life

    Several Years

  • Coverage

    150 - 200 sq.ft./gal (approx.)

  • Solvent For Clean-up


  • Color Of Solution


  • Color When Applied

    minimal darkening

  • Odor


  • Toxicity


  • Flammability


  • Fumes During Treatment


  • Organic Properties


  • Environmental Hazards


  • Polymerized Content



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Looks new all summer   Thank you Mr. Fogg It looks like a brand new deck, before I called you it was dirty with green and black mold. You came early in the morning to prepare the deck for cleaning; when I came home after work it was cleaned. After two years, just a light pressure wash in the…

Chuck Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator

New deck? Friends think so!   October 5, 2009 Seal-It of DFW Dear Steve, We have lived in our home for over 25 years.  It has a huge wrap around wood deck which must be pressure washed every other year followed by deck preservative. This year we recently used the SEAL-IT MAINTENANCE CLEANER…

Mary Meyers Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator

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