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  • October 2017

    After we decided to use a salt brine for our newly conctructed outdoor swimming pool, we realized the concrete would be vulnerable.

    Not only would the concrete be damaged by the salt, but also, in our area, concrete is affected negatively by "freeze/thaw" cycles.

    We knew Seal-It as a customer, so we used their concrete sealant.

    Now twelve years later my neighbor is building his outdoor pool.

    Realizing how well my pool concrete has survived, made the decision to have his concrete treated with Seal-It Concrete Sealant easy.

    Also, a few years ago, I had told a freind in B.C. who was a swimming pool builder, how well Seal-It was working for me. He had been complaining how much trouble the salt brine was causing him, but he chose to marry wealth rather than do anything about the pools!

    John Brand - Central Pallets
    Keep your

  • Odor, lock in what you can't wash away!


    Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
    Kimosom Pwatinahk I.R. 203
    General Delivery
    Deschambault Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada S0P 0C0

                                                                                                              September 20, 2005

    Seal-It International Inc.
    Saskatoon, Sask.

    Dear Sirs;


                We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the success of the concrete seal project that was undertaken in July of 2002.

                Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) is responsible for a number of houses used by the teaching staff in our community. Three of these houses had experienced storm water and waste water “back-ups”, or overflows into “living” areas. Even after “clean-up” was completed we were receiving complaints of “bad smell”. No amount of cleaning could control the smell. We realized the smell was coming from within the concrete. Seal-It Services were contracted to seal the concrete.

                The smells have been sealed into the concrete and there have been no complaints since.

    Thank you

    Peter R. Beatty

    Manager, Education Assets

    Peter R. Beatty
    Asset manager

  • Relief for the Chemically Sensitive


    Mairghread Murray

    As a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, using paints, stains, sealants, etc... has often meant being ill from fumes and contents. Aside from the fact that Seal-It products work really well, the major plus is, for me, that they do not trigger migraines, nausea or asthma attacks that would plague me around other products. I can handle the material and the skin on my hands does not crack and peel. My partner is a Seal-It distributor and I often help him with the materials ~ packaging or preparing the sealants for sale or for application, clean-up of tools, preparing sample sized products for demos, using the products in our own lives ~ and I can honestly say that I have yet to have a reaction to any of the products. It has been a real challenge to find products that work thoroughly and efficiently without making me ill and I'm happy to say that Seal-It makes that grade.

    Mairghread Murray
    Seal-It product distributor employee

  • Saved me a fortune!


    SealMaxx treated my driveway about 3 years ago.  The rain had been causing my drive to deteriorate, and the aggregate was starting to become exposed.  I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was going to be forced to replace the driveway.  The SealMaxx guys came out, and in one day cleaned and sealed the concrete.  Ever since then, the driveway has not worn away one bit.  SealMaxx has no doubt saved me a fortune I would have had to spend on removing and having a new driveway poured.

    Scott Morris
    Customer of Seal-It product distributor/applicator

  • Powdering and Dusting

    Tiled concrete; powdering and dusting concrete no longer makes adhesion a problem


    Thank you for your prompt service! Please note that your product worked beyond our expectations. It saved us over $4000 in resurfacing costs.

    Thank you again for your immense help and for creating such a terrific product!

    Mr. Rotundo used Seal-It Concrete Sealant to control concrete powdering and dusting to insure successful adhesion of a floor covering.


    Tony Rotundo
    15530 B Rockfield Blvd. Suite 4 Irvine, CA 92618 949-830-1623 x35

  • Easier Maintenance, Non-slip Surface, Durability

    Dairy Barn; easier clean, harder concrete, traction

    April 11, 2002

    Leyenhorst Farms
    Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada

    To: Seal-It
    Five years ago we upgraded our milking parlor. Concrete pads were poured for the cow platform, and holding area. We used a broom finish on all pads, and our equipment supplier recommended having Seal-It apply their sealant. The sealant was only applied on the cow platform, not the holding area.

    We were expecting to create a surface that would be easier to clean. The platform is easy to clean, but we also noticed that the sealed surface was not becoming smooth. The concrete that was not sealed became so smooth and slippery that three years ago we had to groove the holding area floor to prevent the cattle from slipping.

    Both the sealed and not sealed areas of the floor are cleaned using the same method, so the only explanation we can come to is that the sealant has created a harder, more resilient concrete.

    Thank you.

    Albert Leyenhorst
    Leyenhorst Farms Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Concrete longevity in liquid fertilizer storage


    1360 Ironhorse Road
    McPherson, Kansas, U.S.A.

    January 12, 2007

    Seal-It International Inc.
    Saskatoon, Canada

    Although some things about our business have changed, others have not. We still work with liquid fertilizers and our concrete floors are still standing up to the punishment since we applied Seal-It Concrete Sealant.

    We would have to admit that we have been taking our concrete floor for granted until we received the follow-up call from Seal-It. As we had stated in our comments to Seal-It back in 2001, we would need a year to prove to ourselves that their product performed as they claimed. Since we are now 7 years from application, we would suggest that the Seal-It product has surpassed our expectations, still no signs of failure.

    Congratulations on a great product,

    Daril Alexander
    McPherson Agricultural Products (formerly Tessenderlo Kerley)

  • Multi Level Parking; Cleaner, more stable, more inviting

    Parking Structure Seepage, Mineral Salts


    October 23, 2001 Yosemite National Park

    Seal-It International Inc., Saskatoon, Canada

    Dear Sirs:

    The National Park Service has a two level concrete parking structure at Yosemite National Park, which, because of salt and mineral leaching problems, people were reluctant to use.

    Following rain or snow melt, white mineral deposits would appear on the ceiling of the lower level, and on any vehicles parked there. The Park Service purchased Seal-It Concrete Sealant in October of 1999; applied the sealant amidst skepticism, which has since disappeared (the skepticism, not the sealant). There are no signs of leaching salts or minerals, and people are happy to be able to park underneath again.

    Thank you for your product.

    Tony Brochini
    Maintenance Supervisor, National Park Service

  • Sealant longevity, Multi Level Parking follow-up


    March 01, 2006
    Yosemite National Park

    Seal-It International Inc.
    Saskatoon, Canada

     Hello Reid and Doug,

    I would like to update you on the success of the parking structure repair we undertook in 1999. As you may recall we purchased your Seal-It Concrete Sealant to stop the leaching of salt and minerals through the upper level to the lower levels. There is still no sign of leaching and no complaints from vehicle users parking in the lower level.

    Something I had not told you before is that after the sealing of the parking garage there was some sealant remaining, which I used on an outdoor wash bay concrete slab. The Park Service uses this area to clean its garbage trucks. This slab had begun to “peel” and “spall”. The slab was cleaned and Seal-It Concrete Sealant applied. Now there are no problems there either. I believe the concrete has “hardened and solidified” even more.

    If I may say, I believe it to be very important to follow Seal-It’s application instructions to get these results. Also, I have been made aware that Seal-It has products for wood and metal which I will be looking into to be used by the Park Service Historical Dept.

    Thanks again,

    Tony Brochini
    Maintenance Supervisor, United States National Park Service

  • Animal Housing; Kennels, animal waste, odor control


    Humane Society of Williamson County
    Leander, Texas
    June 26, 2001

    Seal-It International
    Saskatoon, Canada

    Dear Seal-It:

    In February of 2000 we used your Concrete Sealant in our kennels. We wanted to prevent urine etc. from entering the concrete. Animal waste would soak into the concrete, preventing a thorough cleaning. When we did try to clean, the water would “re-activate” the urine rather than clean it up.

    We are very happy with the performance of your Concrete Sealant. The odor has been greatly reduced, and our kennels are much more pleasant to work in and around. We have not noticed any negative effects in the well being of our “guests”, they seem very happy!

    Thank you,

    Guy Billyeu