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  • Concrete Protection in Extreme Environment

    Spill Containment; Diesel fuel beads like water on wax!

    White Sands Missile Range

    Thank You Gentlemen;

    I am John Christensen, Project Supervisor at White Sands Missile Range in Southern New Mexico for Solar Electric Co,

    We are a Company engaged in a large communication project upgrading their system to fiber optics. In the course of this Project we have installed approx, 23 genset/fuel containment slabs and shelter slabs. Use of your Product has been exclusive.

    We have had excellent results with your sealant in one of the most gruelling environments imaginable. It is amazing this stuff beads oil and diesel like wax beads water.

    We also had no problem convincing the EPA authorities that this was the S.T.U.F.F we needed; in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it soon isn't a required sealant for all concrete installed at our Base. I am enclosing a couple of pictures so you guy's can see how we are using your product in our diesel containment slabs. Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,                 

    John Christensen
    Solar Electric Co., WSMR, White Sands, New Mexico

  • Long-lasting Floor Coating

    Maintenance Garage; Parts Department, Can not justify lesser coatings

    Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation Government of Saskatchewan
    Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

    February 6, 2002

    Seal-It Products International Inc
    Box 25115 Riverheights P.O.
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Dear Sirs:

    We would like to tell you how your product “429 S.T.U.F.” is working in our maintenance garage. We purchased “429” about 6 years ago and applied it to a concrete floor in front of our parts department counter. This is a very high “foot traffic” area used by our mechanics moving from work shop to parts storage area. Hydraulic fluids, oils, sand and dirt are carried on mechanics boots onto this floor. The only damage we see to the floor coating is from heavier metal parts that have been dropped.

    Before we used “429” this floor had to be repainted about every 3 months with an oil based concrete paint, and in most cases, that paint was worn away within a month.

    We plan to use “429” in other areas of our building when we have time. We do not have time to be repainting every three months.

    Thank you,

    Rod Bates
    Saskatchewan Property Management Corp.

  • Acid Protection
    Wet Cell (Battery) Maintenance; protect work bench and shop floor from battery acid


    Direct Current Industrial Battery Supply
    2213 11th Street West
    Saskatoon, Sk

    Monday July 12, 1999

    RE: SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.

    To whom it may concern:

    As you know, our business involves rebuilding forklift batteries. Battery acid (97% sulfuric acid) gets spilled on our unprotected concrete floors and metal equipment in the area. The acid had eaten into the concrete and metal. Your people filled the hole in the concrete then coated the concrete and metal with 429 S.T.U.F. two years ago. Much acid has been spilled since, but the 429 S.T.U.F. is not showing any signs or damage. Nothing that has been coated with 429 S.T.U.F. is damaged by the acid.


    Dave Currie
    Battery repair business owner

  • Acid Protection

    Textile Industry; multiple uses, concrete and metal,acid protection

    Samur Carpet Textile Industry


    Date: 04.11.1999

    We are pleased to inform you that we have applied your product "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F." at the following units of our factory with utmost success. Thanks to "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.", the need to use stainless steel in corrosive environments has been eliminated to a great extent. Besides, protective effect of "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F." on building floors and walls that are exposed to acids and similar corrosive chemicals has significantly helped to reduce construction maintenance and repair costs.

    Fields of application:

    Dye-House Floor: "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F." coating which was initially applied at a certain part of the dye- house floor has not shown any sign of damage for longer than a year. Subject coating has been successfully protecting the concrete floor from the effects of acidic environment (65% acetic acid).

    Upon this successful result, all floors in dye preparation and print application section of newly established sample carpet print unit have been covered with "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.".

    Mixing Unit Pipelines: These pipes and flap valves (through which moist fibres pass) have been applied "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.". After application of the product, problems due to moisture have been eliminated. Success of the coating is being continuously observed for the last 9 months.

    Covering Unit Cylinders: Cylinders whose paint coats were previously swelling and cracking in a short time due to exposure to the effects of dense vapour have been applied "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.". although a periods of 4 months has passed after application of the product, still there are no signs of damage, wear, swelling or cracking on the paint coats.

    Waste Water Treatment Plant: In this plant, all metallic components which are in direct contact with waste water have been coated with "SEAL-IT 429 S.T.U.F.". A thick layer of rust has formed on certain metal surfaces which were left uncoated for test purposes whereas coated surfaces still keep their original appearance.


    Yavuz Boke
    Operations Manager

  • Protects from Corrosion

    Ice Melter Manufacture; preserve infrastructure from salt corrosion

    July 8, 2003

    Ossian Inc.
    Davenport, Iowa

    To: Seal-It Products
    Saskatoon, Canada

    Ossian Inc. is a performance ice melter manufacturing company that uses many different chloride blends. Corrosion is a major factor in our business. Our metal storage buildings do not stand up well unless they are protected.

    We first used Seal-It 429 S.T.U.F. in March of 2001 to coat and preserve our buildings against the corrosive effects of the salt. 429 S.T.U.F. works better than anything we have tried before and now when we put up a new storage building, it is coated with "429" before any salt is trucked in.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Kormann
    Ice melting products

  • Protects Automotive Repair Garage
    Automotive Repair Garage; concrete preservation and cleanability


    Wellington, Utah, U.S.A.
    July 22, 2003

    Seal-It Products
    Saskatoon, Canada

    My last purchase was in September of 2000 and I couldn't be more pleased with you products. I used the 429 S.T.U.F. in my automotive repair garage.

    The garage was built with an 18 foot "grease pit" which I had coated with "429". I had searched the internet for protective coatings when I came across I wanted to prevent automotive fluids from penetrating the concrete and also to make clean up any grease, oil, antifreeze, etc. easy and thorough. 429 S.T.U.F. has proven very durable and meets or exceeds your website claims. Nothing gets through 429.

    I used Seal-It Concrete Sealant in 2000 also. This sealant was used on the driveway leading to my auto repair garage. Vehicles waiting for repair frequently leave oil spills. But on the treated concrete, when clean up is done soon after the spill, no stain remains. It is an excellent barrier to moisture.

    Thank you  

    Les Howell
    Automotive repair garage owner

  • Automotive Shop Floor

    Warehouse, Warehousing

    GrandWest Enterprises Inc.

    Re: 429-S.T.U.F. Floor Paint

    July 8, 1996

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Grandwest Ent. Inc. Has used 429-S.T.U.F. Floor Paint since 1989. We had just completed a 22,000 sq. ft. building and we had a dusting problem with the concrete floor. We tried concrete sealer. We used four 45 gal. Drums with no benefit. We considered a 2 part epoxy but it cost more than the floor itself.

    Then We tried 429-S.T.U.F. and simply painted it on and it proved to be very effective.

    Since 1989 we have added 16,000 sq. ft. Every square foot of our premises is painted with 429-S.T.U.F. In addition we are presently constructing a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion. It too will have a concrete floor painted with 429-S.T.U.F.

    It goes without saying, we feel it is an excellent product.

    Sincerely Yours,

    George Reddekopp
    GrandWest Enterprises Inc.